A change of wardrobe for TV

Posted by on Oct 11 2016

I don’t watch the music channels on TV. If the way the presenters yap is not enough, their ways of dressing is something that makes me switch channels (or pop in a piece of cinnamon in my mouth to control nausea!).
No matter what channel I watch, when it comes to music I found that DJs have peculiar ways dressing. To show how ‘kewl’ they are they go for the funkiest (read funniest) clothing that makes all of them look as if they belong to one dwelling cluster.
I know this young lady who worked for a Hindi channel as a stylist. She tells me that her brief is to source clothes for anchors and DJs of that channel every day. And that’s not enough. She is suppose to source clothes that can make them look ‘sexy.’ Like I said before, I don’t watch these channels, Hindi channels in particular. But when this lady insisted that I had a look at the channel, I switched it on one day. It was pathetic. Presenters looked really tartish. But my friend told me, she gets paid reasonably well for doing such a job and she doesn’t mind doing this to survive in Mumbai. And I said okay, after all it doesn’t affect me.
Being a Malayali, I watch my own channels. Here too presenters, especially in reality shows, look painfully ugly in their attire that they get free from local shops. At this one particular channel and its music reality show, the presenter not only wears the most hideous clothes (except when she is in a sari) and speaks in the most unrecognisable accent as well (as if she lived abroad). Same is the case with most channels… I flipped channels specifically for this purpose to find out how these guys are clothed and found that all of them without exception looked really bad.
Some of them have become celebrities too. They are even invited to parties or to cut ribbons. Good for them, really. But I wish TV producers paid some attention to the wardrobes of these people. I have always said that aping the West will not work here. In the case of TV anchors I suspect it is the same that is happening.
TV companies should have proper stylists who can pull off this job well. I think none of these guys have proper stylists. Once that’s done the rest will fall in place and DJs and anchors will start looking like normal human beings.
Then, perhaps, watching these channels will be not just music to the ears but to the eyes as well!


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